PRINCESS CHARMLa Rêne de Göteborg( The Queen of Göteborg)

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A beautifully feminine voice narrow and graceful dance steps that have, in a short time, emerged as one of the mainstays of the Beninese music in particular and Africa in Ge. Revealing in the form it embodies the beauty in the background the music that carries voice, Princess Charm, is in itself, a delicious "cocktail" of African culture. From Benin, Princess Charm now lives in Sweden, where she combines her professional activities estheticians his artistic career singer.






"The Black Pearl Swedes" as like to call his family grew up in Benin, where she spent almost her entire childhood. But for more than ten years, she moved to Sweden in Gothenburg precisely, the city where, in addition to his work as a beautician, she devoted herself to a passion and always has loud music. Indeed, thanks to the unwavering support of his producer Dosso Sweden, she realized her childhood dream and finally released his first album titled "Cocktail Africa." Cleverly concocted an album that sounds Beninese traditional modern Coupe shifted, Afro-zouk through Makossa cotoient never give in or False in the mix "snack eardrum." A real cocktail to be enjoyed without moderation.
An album of eight tracks (Queen of Gothenburg Thanks, Nostalgia, Take care of yourself sweetie, the man of my life poor children; Baby; shifted Coupe and peace in Africa) in which several singers involved with Erickson Zulu singing a duet entitled "Thank you." A rumba feverish well removed some music critics have not hesitated to describe rightly "the most beautiful interpretation of this album."
A curious question from a journalist Benin to know her source of inspiration, the trigger that gave him the desire to be a singer one day, the artist a bit happy to answer: "My idol has always been Gadji Celi . It inspired me a lot especially through his song "King Solo" "
And who knows the extraordinary musical career of King Gadji answers about the musical career Princess Charm already found all ...