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Please get GMansour "The Cage"! This album is dropped by FreeStyla Records.

GMansour is Sudanese. He came to Sweden in 1994 as a refugee. During his painful years in a refugee camp in a remote place, he embraced Hip Hop to be his personal saviour. GMansour said to the FSR crew that he's ready to redefine Hip Hop and put his name and face in every corner of this world and beyond. He fought to win the confidence of FSR to be the most powerful rapper in Hip Hop. GMansour said that Hip Hop is his life and Hip Hop replaces his father whom he has never seen. (May his soul rest in perfect peace). According to G, his life is his fans and today he can see his father talking to him through his two precious children. GMansour wanted to become a lawyer but the long and painful suffering life he underwent eradicated his dreams. So instead of being at the courtrooms he now spends his time in the recording studios. Finally GMansour mentioned to FSR crew that he will drop his album and it will go into history. Today, the core of the Hip Hop artist of Gothenburg GMansour has just dropped his album The Cage. FSR said that the album The Cage is the most outstanding Hip Hop album in our modern time. Check out the rest of the story on the album, "The Cage"!